Our St. Paul’s church family as well as several other church families in our area have been invited to join First Baptist Church of Jericho in Deptford for a meal of friendship for the season on Friday, December 15th. I confirmed that St. Paul’s will be represented at this meal that begins at 7pm and concludes at 9pm. The Jericho Baptist church will be providing chicken and those who attend are to bring “pot luck.”

Obviously, First Baptist needs to know how many people will be coming from our church and I would hope that many of you will join me for an evening of fellowship at Jericho. I along with other area clergy see our Sunday services as moments when we separate along various lines when Jesus would want us to be together, so here’s an opportunity to be together with some people you might not normally go to church with.

First Baptist Church of Jericho is located at 981 Mail Avenue in Deptford.

Pastor Dave

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