Time to Celebrate!

“Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of the doves is heard in our land.”  Song of Songs 2:12

Spring has arrived … Easter has been experienced by TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY individuals at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in West Deptford, and our little church has had just under 20 new members in the last half year.

What a time to celebrate! What a time to get energized and shine for Jesus Christ!!  What a time to make a decision to be a difference maker for God in these difficult times that we live in, knowing how blessed we all are! Are you having “breakfast with Jesus?”

It doesn’t seem like it was all that many years ago when Bob Dylan first sang, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” ‘Come gather round people wherever you roam …’. There are some amongst our church family too young to even recognize the name Bob Dylan but the message of that song that the times are changing and that the ‘present now will later be past’ is a reality that has never changed from the beginning of time. Friends, our journey in life is always changing and we all face the challenge of adapting to new days knowing our old ones are mere history.

Spring’s sunshine and warmer weather means many things to many people but for some reason Spring melds into Summer and suddenly church is secondary. Now, if I recall, Paul, for whom our church is named, once wrote to the people of Philippi, “It’s not that I have already reached the goal …” that Jesus calls us to.   All of us who believe have a journey to complete in this world that keeps on spinning; our journey is not complete until we are home to God.

As a member or friend of St. Paul’s we are blessed to be part of a special Sunday gathering place where God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice, and our faith is showcased! Every Sunday we worship together with joy! We welcome with true love and a spirit of connecting any person or family who comes to our doors on Sunday mornings or during the week.

We have an incredibly delicious Chicken Barbecue coming up this month, which is an easy opportunity to invite people we know to our church. On Tuesdays either early in the morning at 8am or in the evening at 9:30pm you and your friends can join online in our TUNE UP Bible Study. Awesome life experiences to share with family and friends: Sunday evenings along the Delaware River, a Phillies’ game coming up in July, and our Vacation Bible School that closes out the month of July.

Wow … so much! But do you know that most people in the neighborhoods we all live in don’t know about St. Paul’s?

If you are working I have a feeling that most of your co-workers don’t know about St. Paul’s. If you shop at Shop-Rite or eat breakfast at The Piston I have a feeling those around you have never been to our church; have never visited our website nor even heard about our worship services, our Bible studies, our children’s programs … and frankly, they are missing out on something special.

So, as the flowers bloom I am asking each of us to consider how we can be blooming for God and Christ! How we can share the Son-Shine we experience because of church, and with whom?

Bring friends to the chicken barbecue! Post information about our TUNE UP Bible Study on your social media (And consider joining yourself!)! Tell friends with kids about our Vacation Bible School program. And, plan Sunday evenings AT THE RIVER with us in July and August!

Our Savior is Risen!  Our God is loving us all!  We have work to do!

PS:  My next sermon series will be focused on the Book of James. Why not read this short New Testament book this week so you are ready for the sermons that will be coming?


Pastor Dave