The Community Relations Team has found new life and a new leader. Jake Eichel was persuaded to take over as chair. We thank Matt Huesser for his years of leadership and the good things that happened during his tenure.

The group has planned some terrific events for both our members and the general public. The purpose of the team is to bring us out into the community, and hopefully to raise some money while doing that.

So here are events we’ve planned, and the leaders of each event for your questions and comments. Mark your calendars!!

  • Pretzel Sales will continue on the third Sunday of each month. (Norm Branyan & Mary Ann Jones)
  • Potluck Supper & Candy Bar Bingo, quarterly to coincide with Family Promise, next one June 22 (Carol Strock, Gary Rutter)
  • Phillies Game vs. San Diego Saturday, July 21, free hotdogs in the parking lot before the game, and WB Mason truck giveaway night for kids! (Pastor Dave)
  • Fall Events:  Possibly another breakfast and another chicken bbq
  • Bus Trip to Sight & Sound December 1 SOLD OUT! (Mary Ann Jones)

And here are the projects we’ve completed already:

  • Potluck Supper (Love One Another) & Candy Bar Bingo, March 2 (Carol Strock, Gary Rutter)
  • Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast, March 25 (Jennie & Don Troxell)
  • Chicken BBQ April 29 (Sharon Rutter & Denise Hosier)
  • Clean a Highway Saturday, May 26 (Jennie Troxell)

See Jake Eichel or any of our event leaders to volunteer! Next meeting of the team is Tuesday, August 28 at 7 p.m. If you’re interested in having fun while bringing the church into the community, join us!

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