When you eat at the Piston Diner, 821 Crown Point Rd, Westville, St. Paul’s will receive money back for our ministries. If you hand in our donation form when you pay your bill, a portion of what you pay will benefit our church.

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Piston owners Dee and Ish support St. Paul’s and also other local charities.

Piston Diner Owners Join Pastor Dave in Supporting Covenant House

On the evening of Thursday October 26, 2017 three successful men climbed into cardboard boxes along Crown Point Road as their days ended. They slept on the street sheltered by corrugated paper just like thousands of young people are doing across America–except those young people are on the streets because the boxes and the streets have become their homes.

Pastor Dave Delaney from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in West Deptford, along with the owners of the Piston Diner, Dee and Ish, made a statement that there is an answer to this crisis. It’s the non-profit organization Covenant House, whose staff members in cities across the United States–including Camden and Philadelphia–have staff members rescuing young people every single day of the year.

Pastor Dave, Dee and Ish raised several thousand dollars for Covenant House.

In January a couple came to Pastor Dave seeking food. They were hungry, and PD took them straight to the Piston. Dee and Ish gave them a good meal and bags of food to take with them when they finished. When PD tried to pay for the dinner, the Piston owners refused his money. “We help those who need it,” they said.

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