There is an incredibly beautiful place where songs praising God are sung all summer long and where friends gather gazing out on a beautiful bed of water as the sun sets in the distance. The good news, it’s our WORSHIP at THE RIVER, and it happens every Sunday evening in July and August at 7 p.m. at the Red Bank Battlefield in National Park.

I want to invite YOU (Now, don’t look over your shoulder because I  am talking to you) to admit that YOU need some extra worship time before Monday rolls around … some bonus time praising God as the weekend closes out. This is not an ‘instead of morning church’ opportunity!

And this is the year for you to open the gate blocking friends, family, neighbors and co-workers from worshiping with us along the Delaware! WORSHIP at the RIVER is such a great opportunity to invite people we care about for a beautiful Sunday evening on the river, which just happens to include ‘some church.’

We kick off this year’s WORSHIP at the RIVER on July 1.

It’s church but it’s fun and it starts the week off right!

–Pastor Dave

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