Jesus said, I have spoken these things to you while I am with you. The Companion, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I told you.” John 14:25-26

Another summer … and what a summer for St. Paul’s!

EIGHTY-FIVE children experienced God and Christ, perhaps for the very first time in their young lives! More than 50 volunteers stepped up to ensure that VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL WORKED at our church! Joy and energy filled St. Paul’s!!

Our RED BIRD MISSION TEAM brought the light of Jesus Christ and God’s love blended with St. Paul’s unique loving spirit to Kentucky. We made a difference in the lives of Mr. Otis, Kathy and Calvin, Miss Susie and Suzanne, and Miss Thelma and her family of five. Energized FAITH and ACTIONS blended with joy!

Summer started with a fantastic joy-filled FAMILY PROMISE week! We are providing weekly meals to one of our beautiful members who is stuck at home due to illness. Our Bible studies and worship services have been joined by people around the world. And in contrast to all too many churches, the church we call home is active and growing rather than fading away into the sunset of the season.

WORSHIP at the RIVER brought us up close to God’s presence in creation, and hopefully our FAITH and ACTIONS sermon series challenged you into deciding how God can use you in service to others.

Welcome to another September! The photo is from my high school’s front lawn. A lot of empty chairs from an evening in June. Are they chairs that have been emptied forever or are they chairs ready to be filled? As I walked around our sanctuary the other day looking at our pews, the same thought came to me, since we have not yet achieved our goal of 130 unique individuals in the pews every week for worship this past year. September’s new school year also represents a new “church year” of possibilities.

Are you with me in wanting to strengthen and grow our church so that we can be secure in our mission in this community and the world in the years to come? If your answer is yes, I need your help to get more people in the pews and more participants in our Bible Studies and mission programs. 1:30 is a very realistic number for Sunday mornings … Wednesday Bible studies with 10 to 20 people in each class can happen … our online TUNE UP Bible Studies on Tuesday mornings at 8 and evenings at 9:30 can easily handle 15 people in each online class. Imagine the strength of St. Paul’s future, as other churches slowly fade away, if we could get those numbers this year.

Sunday School will be back in session this month and wouldn’t it be great to have the 85 children who came to Vacation Bible School joining us every Sunday to learn more about God and Christ? It would require all of us to invite families to church. Right now we already have a need for a couple of additional adult volunteers to help in our Sunday School classrooms… Are you one of them? Would we be ready if those 85 children from VBS walked through the doors with their parents excitedly interested in learning more about Jesus and God? We are going to try to start a youth group for teens; will you support us by inviting teens or stepping up to help?

My new sermon series, ‘Building my Faith; a Workout for Life,’ is being designed to give each of us faith tools to get stronger, but it takes your investment of ‘time sharing’ with God. Church only works when the church family is ready and willing to grow in faith while discovering new ways to serve God.

We can’t predict where any of us will be in the coming days but as of this moment we are all part of an awesome church whose summer was a busy one. Right around the corner we have Sunday School classrooms to fill and Family Promise slots to fill.

I believe that the people of St. Paul’s, whose love for all is known far beyond Church Street, are ready and willing to do what it takes … FAITH and ACTIONS, friends … FAITH and ACTIONS!

Pastor Dave

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