Last year, we began a “Healing Card” ministry on the 5th Sunday of March. It is traditional in St. Paul’s that we have a “healing service” in a month where there are 5 Sundays. On Healing Sundays, someone is chosen who needs an extra note of encouragement to receive cards from our congregation. The recipient does not have to be a member of St. Paul’s. We pass out cards to the congregation who then sign them or some take them home to write a little message. The recipient usually receives about 60 cards in the mail.

The cards are received with great surprise and joy! It is so good for someone going through stressful times and/or discouraging times to know that others are thinking of them and praying for them. As it says in I Thessalonians 5:11: “Build each other up and encourage one another, just as you are doing.” A card is a very simple gesture but can mean so much to the receiver.

If you know of someone that needs extra encouragement or prayer and would benefit from our card ministry, please contact Patty Fish by emailing Thank you.

–Patty Fish, Worship Chair

Featured photo: Nine-year old Sebastian from Virginia had Stage IV brain cancer and passed away on March 5. He was very happy to receive cards from our congregation in December 2019. They made his final days just a little brighter.

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