The truth is St. Paul’s was ahead of the game before the pandemic hit. We were already streaming our worship service to the world and one of our Bible Studies has a regular member who has never set foot in the State of New Jersey in her entire lifetime.

St. Paul’s has stepped right up to connect with the world and didn’t miss a beat nor a Sunday worship service nor Sunday School class once our doors had to be closed. Every Sunday our worship services are streamed using FACEBOOK and ZOOM (live at 9:30 but they continue to be available for later viewing). Every Sunday our One-Room Sunday School classroom has streamed a wonderful message of faith for kids providing an important interaction just like they receive in Sunday School. Our Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening Bible studies are active and providing a blessing for all who participate.

We have expanded our online connections for the church family and the world. Every morning at 9:30 a.m., Pastor Dave is streaming a 15 minute devotion on our Facebook page that includes his cooking lesson on Fridays and Saturday funnies filled with jokes we can all share for the weekend. Our Men’s Breakfasts on the third Wednesday and first Saturday of the month are also streamed live.

Our church family shared in Holy Communion online for the first time ever on Maundy Thursday.

We held our first ever online Special Church Conference in April. People are giving online using their credit cards and PayPal.

Yes, we realize that we have a few members who are not connected online but when our doors open again online worship, online Sunday School, online Bible Study, online daily devotions, and yes, even online shared meals are not going away.

We hope to have a TECH TEAM in the coming months whose members can train those who have not made the jump to the Internet yet. We will have a program to obtain inexpensive tablets for anyone who does not have a computer so that they can connect with our church.

Please let your friends know about, because perhaps one of them does not have Jesus in their life but through our worship services, daily devotions, or Bible studies they just might connect!


Pastor Dave


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