Update August 2020: Thanks to everyone who has donated, we raised the entire $2,500 and sent it to Liberia. Thank you all!

One way of showing the world that we aren’t about our building, but rather we live as people who love our neighbors, was in our feeding of the ICU staff at Inspira in May. They have thanked me over and over again.

So for July I would like to challenge our St. Paul’s church family to help feed some of the hungriest people in the world, the people of Liberia. “Hope for Liberia,” which we support, is working with four of the poorest churches in that Western African nation. Ninety-two percent of Liberians live in poverty, with many of the families living on a half cup of rice each day.

Hope for Liberia wants to purchase 100 large bags of rice for each of these four churches. Each bag of rice costs $25.00. For June, I am challenging our church to raise enough money to buy 100 bags of rice ($2500) for the congregation of the Repairer House Fellowship Center in Monrovia (Liberia’s capital city); I have told Hope for Liberia that I think we can raise this money, and I am going to create the TEN DOLLARS for RICE fund. We need 250 individuals (62 families of 4 with each person giving $10) giving $10 each to reach the goal.

I am going to push this during my morning devotions and on all of my social media. When you send your weekly offering in please add a second check marked TEN DOLLARS for RICE. I hope to be in contact with the pastor of the church in Liberia in the next few days. The photos above are from their church.

Pastor Dave

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