“Grace be with all who have an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ!” Ephesians 6:23

September traditionally represents a time of returning to church after our summer “vacation time.”

Obviously, these are different times and we face different challenges, but life goes forward. And, as we go forward, I know that each of us is being called to be God’s faithful ambassadors in the world! It is a reason I keep reminding all of us of the value of reading something, even just a few verses, from the Gospels daily.

In September, I will be starting a sermon series entitled “Dressed for Success,” which will use Ephesians as its primary Scriptural text. It is my hope that each of us will see this series as our means of preparing for Advent and the times that are ahead.

In addition to the sermon series, I will be preparing a workbook/worksheets for you to use at home to dig further into God’s Word during the week. I am hoping that there will be interest in forming a Bible study group to examine more closely how 21st century Christians can “put on the armor of God.”

So stay tuned—our sermons’ message will be fashion related.

I hope we can all create some fantastic images of the people of St. Paul’s showcasing to the world that we are DRESSED for SUCCESS as the ambassadors of God who call St. Paul’s our home church!

Pastor Dave

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