“Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them.” Isaiah 58:7

Dear Church Family,

I hope you are well and have enjoyed a wonderful dinner with family or friends. The Delaneys were gathered in Smithville for a homemade Indian meal that we all agree was so good that we will make it again.

In my life I have never wondered about food. Actually, I have never wondered about food, shelter, or clothing even in the days when my parents’ income was very, very limited. I have been blessed in my life.

Actually I am thinking a lot about food tonight for many reasons in addition to that yummy dinner that Megan, Donna, and I finished without a scrap for a leftover. But the main reason is that I am again going to challenge each of you to support a new mission challenge for St. Paul’s family that involves feeding the hungry.

In May we fed the ICU staff at Inspira in Mullica Hill and this Sunday hungry families in Liberia will be receiving rice that we have paid for here in South Jersey. Now I want to ask you to help me feed the homeless of Camden through SEEDS of HOPE, a great non-profit organization caring for the people of Camden who are out on the streets.

Every Saturday, even during the pandemic, SEEDS of HOPE is feeding several hundred individuals who need a good meal. It costs SEEDS of HOPE $1.25 to feed each person, which means their cost is $250 every week. I have told the leadership of SEEDS of HOPE that our church will cover their costs for November and December, a total of $2000.00. That means I am asking you to join me to feed the hungry a few miles from our church during the Thanksgiving season, the Advent season, and then right through Christmas until the end of 2020. It would be such a blessing to SEEDS of HOPE to not have to worry about where they will get the money to cover two months worth of Saturday feedings, and I know that we can do it.

So starting right now I am asking everyone to continue to support our church’s ministry but to dig a little into your wallets and purses so that we can raise the $2000. We have more than 200 individuals worshiping with us each week so if everyone gave $10.00 we would have the $2000.00. Send your checks made out to St. Paul’s but designate them with the annotation of HOPE. Or hit donate on our webpage.

We will have more information about this next mission of the church, but what a Thanksgiving gift for the hungry … what a Christmas gift! And, by our covering two months worth of the feeding program SEEDS of HOPE can focus in on clothing needs, housing for the poor, and their other programs.

We are so blessed to have a great church family. Together we have never stopped being a church that loves our neighbors, whether they are around the corner, somewhere in our nation, or around the world. Food is a great way to show love, and I hope you will join me in feeding the hungry.

Pastor Dave

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