Good afternoon members, friends, and family of St Paul’s United Methodist Church in West Deptford New Jersey.

This morning in its ‘Annual Conference,’ the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church, our Bishop, and the Bishop’s cabinet have officially reappointed me as the pastor of Christ’s United Methodist Church in West Deptford, New Jersey.

I am humbled and honored to be entrusted to continue my ministry at and with this incredibly loving and missional church. We have discovered that Saint Paul’s is more than a local church during this pandemic, St Paul’s has truly established itself as a global church with worshipers around the world admission partners far beyond the county in which we are situated in.

I am blessed with an incredible staff and so thankful to be working with an amazing array of volunteers representing every age and background that is representative of our community. My life has been enhanced by the global community I have interacted with during my time as St Paul’s pastor.

There have been moments of incredible joy and also times of tear-filled sadness as my journey serving as pastor has moved forward. Each day in the future holds possibilities to do amazing things for Jesus Christ and God!

None of us know where our tomorrows will take us. We cannot change what occurred yesterday nor even change what we ate for breakfast this morning nor can we return to what was the reality in our past because that is the past and that is history. So we move forward in our lives pursuing the call of Jesus Christ to live as He taught!

In these difficult times in which we live, I find both challenge and comfort in hearing the call of the prophet Micah who reminds us of what the Lord requires from each person of faith, which is “To do justice and to embrace faithful love of all neighbors while walking humbly with our God!” As is well known, I am a Matthew 25 adherent because that’s Jesus clearly teaching all humanity what God expects of us But I also always hold true to my favorite verse, which is “Rejoice in the Lord always! Again, I say rejoice!”

And now, back to work I go! A sermon series is in development and reopening is happening safely, securely, and lovingly!

Pastor Dave Delaney

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