Sunday night November 22 our Reopening Team met to consider how we deal with the ever-increasing numbers of individuals with COVID 19. That team’s responsibility has been the love of church members, our friends, and our family members since the global pandemic began. The team provided our Leadership team, which met on Tuesday, with a proposal to change our current practices, which Leadership approved.

Effective Sunday, November 29, we will be limiting the number of individuals who come to worship in person in the overflow section to 10 individuals. Priority will be given to church members without the internet at home.

EVERYONE MUST wear a mask that fully covers their mouths and noses! EVERYONE MUST maintain social distance of 6 feet or more. And EVERYONE WILL have their temperature taken before they will be allowed in, and their temperature must be below 100.4.

This plan will remain effective through the rest of this year into 2021. When things improve in our community and state, we will revisit the situation about in-person worship, but the streaming will continue as always and beyond the pandemic!

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