Update December 2

Thank you all so much for your donation! As of this writing we have exceeded our goal of $10,000. The Lord truly does provide, even in a pandemic!


Advent is now here … anticipation of what is to come. As you see the images above of Gary with his old I-Pad it is a moment for us to be thankful but also proactive because our little church has been reaching the world this year, even with our old, worn down, and limited technology. Gary gets a lot of credit for becoming a “professional” camera person for worship and Communion. We have literally followed Jesus’ directives at Ascension to make disciples of all nations!

We are streaming a fantastic and Jesus-driven Sunday School One Room Classroom each week. I have prayed face-to-face through technology with individuals/families in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and across the United States this year thanks to our limited technology. Gail joins us weekly in Bible Study from North Carolina thanks to technology, as do the other class members here in New Jersey!

Just imagine what we could do for God and Jesus Christ if we had up-to-date technology tools. Imagine how many people we could bring to know Jesus Christ if we had more than an old I-Pad and cell phones to stream God’s message through our church.

This Tuesday is GIVING TUESDAY. Our Leadership team made the decision that we will attempt to raise $10,000 for our TECH NEEDS to improve our outreach to families with children and to the world. We will be posting memes on our Facebook page and on our Twitter and Instagram accounts with the link to our donate page. Please share these on your social media! Please support this special need of our church while also continuing to support our basic ministry; every non-profit in the world will be asking for money on Tuesday … we want you to be the spokespeople for St. Paul’s amongst your family and friends to encourage them to give to support the church we all love. The link is https://stpaulsalive.org/donate.

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