I never thought I’d have such an attachment to one specific time from amongst the 1440 minutes of the day but since March 17th of last year 930 has become special to me. It is the time of the day when PD@930 shows up live on our FACEBOOK page and of course on Sunday mornings it is when worship begins.

When I streamed the first PD@930, I sort of had a plan but that was on March 16th. On March 17th I sang a song at 9:30 and tried to be silly. That day I received several emails, a couple of text messages but it was one phone call that struck home. The caller almost pleaded when they said, “Can you please be funny tomorrow like you were today.”

That call launched PD@930 and I have now streamed more than 350 segments of this 15-minute “comedy routine” with Scripture and prayer mixed in. There have been moments when I have wondered about its impact but then I will get a message of thanks from a church member or someone out there in the world.

I must admit I really have come to look forward to Fridays when I take everyone into the kitchen with me and I teach a recipe. And on Saturday mornings I share “Saturday Morning Funnies” almost like Mayor LaGuardia did during World War 2, but instead of comics I am reading jokes folks have sent in. You can send me your jokes at pdatstpauls@gmail.com. I never knew there were so many pirate jokes and have discovered Merry Martha jokes, plus this year people have been sending William in the Elevator jokes.

So if you want to track me down any morning just tune in to our Facebook page at 9:30 as I go live with PD@930! Hopefully I will get you laughing or at least smiling; the Scripture will bless you; and you will discover how much I truly do enjoy a good cup of coffee!

Pastor Dave


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