“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Ok, I will say it again … St. Paul’s is a blessed church! We have an amazing church family, and the leadership of our church is fantastic! And since I have been here they always have been willing to embrace new ideas while welcoming all people!

When you have people like we have who do a great job leading, it is far too easy to not step up to use your own skills and abilities to lead. It is easy to think that others will always get the job done.

In June, we lost our electrician. Ok, Bob Platt was much more than St. Paul’s electrician. He was our patriarch, he was our friend, he directed the traffic during Holy Communion, and he was our leader who always led the Offertory Prayer. But Bob is in a better place now.

St. Paul’s needs you! I almost posted that old Word War I poster asking for volunteers, but chess is much more strategic. Strategically, St. Paul’s needs new and yes, younger, leaders to step up to help move us forward as a church.

Zack Beidle, age 10, has already stepped up to take on the Offertory Prayer. Zack does not know how to shy away from doing things … he told his parents he wanted to step up into his Pop’s role at church.

Several of our Leadership Teams have open seats right now, and in September we will be looking to fill new openings. As we vision where we can go as a church, we need YOU to help us, not just for a month or two but for the next few years … to LEAD!

I know we can build the labyrinth on the church’s front lawn that will bring people to our church while also providing each of us a quiet place to pray and think. The local Girl Scout Troop is ready to partner with us, but will you be a leader on that team?

Small group Bible studies are the perfect forums to grow your faith. Will you volunteer to lead one at your home or at church?

We need a strong marketing team to let the world know our little secret that at St. Paul’s ALL are welcome to worship … ALL are welcome to share in the Lord’s Table … and on ALL the days of the year we are caring for others! Will you step up to get the word out about our church?

Our great Sunday School program and Vacation Bible School program should be morphing into a great youth program. Will you be our YOUTH LEADER, willing to give your time and share your ideas to keep teenagers associated with our church?

There is work to be done! There is a future to secure!! We all have talents and abilities … Zack at age 10 is stepping up, and Bob at 94 was still giving back. Age does not matter, just a heart for God, Jesus, and this church.

Ask God what God wants you to do … if you listen then I know you will be reaching out to your church with an idea or to volunteer!

Pastor Dave


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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