There is a commonality amongst the SEVEN NEW MEMBERS of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. During this era of ever-shrinking churches we have grown.

We are fully aware that we have people literally around the world worshiping with us! We have families bringing children to Sunday School! Our sanctuary is getting closer to having 100 individuals and more in worship each week, plus there are hundreds worshiping online….

But seven individuals felt it was so important to their lives to not just worship at St. Paul’s, but also to become members. They came because they were invited. They came because as one wrote, “St. Paul’s has a special energy that you can feel.” Another wrote, “St. Paul’s has a wonderful sense of family and I want to be part of that!”

A special place … special energy … a wonderful sense of family! Seven individuals who became members of this church. One of the wonderful church family also took the time to let these special people know about our church.

In 2022, who will you be asking to come to church? Which of your friends or family members will be excited to become a member because of “the special energy” that our church has filled with love of God and of all of our neighbors?!

We are so thankful for each of these special individuals who has joined St. Paul’s and we look forward to their active participation in our ministries during the coming months. Please be sure to get to know these very special people who are now officially members of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church of West Deptford, a place where all people are welcome to worship God!

Darrin Brown
Betty Chipman
Pat Drosnes
Cathy Hurff
Carol May
John Pagano
Peggy Pagano

Please join me in welcoming these folks into our church family.


Pastor Dave


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