The twenty-first century has created a reality that is overwhelmingly evident at St. Paul’s and other churches. The reality is … people are choosing not to join Bible studies. The decrease in Bible study attendance parallels the decrease in church attendance and participation across the nation.

I realize how busy we all are. I understand that we each have an ever-increasing list of priorities and that joining a Bible study would require changing the schedules of life we follow so closely.

Patty Fish started an awesome new Bible study this fall for the women of the church. I have heard nothing but rave reviews! Our Wednesday night ZOOM Bible study group includes our friend Gail in North Carolina and our new friends Bonnie along with her husband Jon in northern New Jersey. All of them participate thanks to the study being live online. Our Anchor Class on Sundays has been the bedrock of Bible study groups for years at our church.

I have spoken with Ish who owns the Piston Diner, and he is willing for us to start a Bible Study at the diner on a weekday afternoon. I absolutely want to start a study there because others will discover our church. But I first need to know if anyone from St. Paul’s is interested.

Are there any of you who would like us to have another evening Bible study group, either at church or online? The term “Bible Study” covers a wide range of topics from actually studying a book of the Bible to studying life realities using Scripture as the key reference.

Are you interested in learning more about God’s Word? About faith? About prayer? About getting through life with God at your side?

Here is the difficult part of this, and I know 90% of you hate to do it. But I need a response! I need to hear from you and every other church member. You can email me if you want me to know who you are by sending your e-mail to me at Or if you want to be anonymous just mail a letter to the church, St. Paul’s UMC, PO Box 125, West Deptford, NJ 08086.

If you would like to lead a study, that would be fantastic!! I am willing to lead a study weekday mornings, afternoons, or evenings or on Sunday morning.

So take on this challenge, first by perhaps having a conversation with God, and then deciding whether you want to get closer to God in 2022 by investing your time in order to grow in connection.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Pastor Dave

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