Help Ukraine:

Last Holy Season none of us could have ever dreamed that the good people of the Ukraine would have their world destroyed less than 12 months later. Good people with everyday lives have been killed and brutalized by Russian invaders who are trying to destroy this democratic nation. Churches have been specifically targeted for destruction as have hospitals and areas where children and women and senior citizens have gathered together.

And every good person in the world has asked … “What can we do?”

Thanks to a young woman who I confirmed and then officiated at her wedding, we have been connected with ‘911 Help Ukraine,’ which is providing medical supplies, clothing, radios, power packs, and basic supplies to the men, women, and teenagers who are now fighting as members of the Ukrainian National Guard. Last year they worked in grocery stores, they taught school, they peacefully drove down beautiful streets to go shopping and visit friends, and lived life. Now they are trying to survive.

We have already sent $2000 thanks to amazing gifts from our church family to the Ukrainian National Guard, and here is a photo of a box of medical supplies like we have purchased being opened out in the field.

You and your friends can continue to help us help UKRAINE. Send checks made out to St. Paul’s UMC but designated “Ukraine”or visit our website and click the donate button and the “Special” category to make a donation using your credit card or Pay Pal.

I cannot imagine the horror … I am sickened by the war crimes being inflicted on people like you and me. I have met a couple of the United Methodist pastors from the Ukraine and am friends with the former Bishop for our denomination in that country. I do not know where those men are today or if the Russians have killed them.

If you can give … please give.

Use the QR code to donate or click on this link: If you donate through PayPal or with a credit card select “SPECIAL OFFERING” and your donation will go to Ukraine911. Or mail a check to St. Paul’s, PO Box 125, West Deptford NJ 08086.

Thank you so much!

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