St. Paul’s Mission challenge in July is to raise money to help the Ukrainian National Guard purchase medical supplies such as tourniquets. Medics who are attempting to fix the bodies of those wounded by the Russians such as this soldier desperately need medical supplies.

As you can see by the baby carriage in this photo … the Russians do not care who they kill or wound in their efforts to take away the freedom of Ukrainians. The world community is trying to rescue the Ukraine!

Today, we sent another $1000 donation to the Ukrainian National Guard and we are continuing to raise moneys to help heal bodies.
If you visit our website and click on the donate button and then click on the ‘other’ category your donation will go to the Ukrainians. If you mail a check to St. Paul’s make the check out to St. Paul’s UMC but annotate the check ‘Ukraine fund’ and we will make sure the moneys are used to purchase medical supplies.

Last summer, a mom or a dad was calmly wheeling their baby in that carriage. Teachers were teaching, musicians were making music, artists were creating art, chefs were making delicious meals, and every day people were living everyday lives. Today they are fighting for their lives.

Please help us heal the bodies of the wounded.

Pastor Dave

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