We will no longer meet in the backyard on Sunday evenings for worship.

One of the positive things we learned during the season of COVID was that St. Paul’s backyard is an awesome place to worship God. In the late afternoon our backyard is shaded, we hear birds singing, and there are none of the parking issues associated with the Battlefield in National Park. In addition, the Canada geese have not yet found our church.

Sunday Evening services in the backyard began Sunday evening July 17th at 6:30 p.m. On July 17th we celebrated our RED BIRD MISSION TEAM with just a few present.

On July 24th, the heat index was 100 degrees, and we canceled so as not to endanger anyone in the heat.

On July 31st, we had another wonderful worship service “in the BACKYARD” but once again our numbers were extremely limited.

So we are going to cancel the IN THE BACKYARD service effective immediately. I am not sure whether we might have an “End of the Summer” service in the backyard before Rally Day or not.

Our morning attendance was wonderful this morning and I think some of the folks who might consider attending an evening service were there.

Charlie and I were talking about all the “goose leftovers” at the battlefield park, which seem to be worse this year than ever before. There is too much work and too many complications about holding a service at THE RIVER on Sunday evenings, especially since there does not seem to be any push for these services.

As we said tonight, where two or more are gathered Jesus Christ is always there but it does not make any sense to continue the evening services during August.

Special thanks to Charlie for your willingness to be there for me and for Jesus each week but now you have your Sunday evenings off!  I hope you’ll be playing in the mornings soon!!!

Pastor Dave

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