Together we can do great things. –Mother Teresa

Red Bird 2022 has accomplished its assigned work and more for the Gray family! Ramp, roof, door, window, steps, and repaired a window using supplies on hand!

The Gray Family was so happy with the work we did. Mr. Gray was shy and did not want to appear in any photos, but sweet Mrs. Gray is in the photo below with our team right before we left the job site.

Your Red Bird team is back home safe and sound. On the way back we started talking about 2023 and we’re open to any and all new team members to join with the folks who’ve already gone to Redbird! The 2023 dates will probably be in July and we will be firming the dates up over the next month or so. You don’t have to be a church member nor have construction skills. Kids and families welcome!!

Red Bird Team 2022

A Message from a First-Time Team Member

One week ago today I was part of a team of 12 volunteers of varying skill levels who headed to Beverly, Kentucky. Our destination was Red Bird Mission Camp where we would be assigned to a home of a local resident to complete a variety of tasks.

We met Mr. & Mrs. Gray on Monday at our assigned home and for the next 4 days we worked together to build a ramp for their back porch, replace a broken window, use the parts from the broken window to repair another window, install a new screen door, replace the tin roof over the porch, enclose the porch with railings and replace the porch steps.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up but it exceeded every expectation I had. We got to help a wonderful family receive much needed repairs at no cost to them.

Some of the 12 volunteers had just met and we successfully navigated a 10+ hour road trip (one way), shared every meal together, bunked together and shared shower and bathroom facilities all on top of long work days in the heat and humidity of the hills of Kentucky. I felt that each day we became closer. I attribute it to we all forgot about ourselves as we were working towards the same goal: helping those much less fortunate than us.

Strangers became friends. We were challenged beyond our comfort zone. We learned things and did things we never thought we could or would do. We shared stories and bug spray. We laughed. We laughed even more! We reflected on all we take for granted in life. It truly was a blessing.

Thank you St. Paul’s UMC Thorofare for letting me be a part of this great mission with you at Red Bird Mission Camp.

If you see someone in need, please consider helping. Let’s make this life we have better for everyone.

Sherry Jones

A Message from a Team Leader

So since leaving my job at Gloucester County Habitat I have been asked to do work for another non-profit not as well know but equally qualified to help those in need.

St Paul’s Church asked me to help out as a volunteer project manager on a trip to Red Bird Mission 100th anniversary in Queensboro Kentucky, which is Clay county (10 hours SW of South Jersey).

Our project last week included building a ADA ramp, replacing a broken window, using the parts to repair a second window, installing a screen door, and replacing a tin roof.

Our crew consisted of 12 volunteers of various skills levels.

Our trip was a success and I want to thank everyone who donated both time and money to make the trip happen. Looking forward to next year.

Scott Graboyes

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