Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses to the end of the earth.”

When Jesus spoke those words on the Mount of Olives before He ascended into heaven, I am sure no one would have imagined that a person living in West Deptford New Jersey and attending St. Paul’s United Methodist Church could actually be a witness to every corner of the world. The truth is … each of us can share our faith story, share information about our church, and encourage people around the world to worship with us on Sundays and Wednesdays. If we choose, we can take on the Jesus challenge every single day, because once any of us share something on our social media it can literally go around the world!

What it takes is a simple act of SHARING on FACEBOOK or perhaps cutting and pasting information from our website to your social media. I would hope that you have “liked” St. Paul’s Facebook page and that you are looking at our church’s page frequently. In addition, our website has lots of great information about St. Paul’s. We are looking for someone to manage the church’s Instagram account so that we can reach new audiences, so if you are interested, please let PD know.

It is so easy to share FACEBOOK postings from St. Paul’s to your own page, because all you have to do is click “SHARE.” Yes, by sharing you will be letting all your social media friends know that you go to church and that your church is St. Paul’s. Yes, you might have to answer their questions if they didn’t know you had a church.    But by sharing the website ( or our Facebook page you might guide that friend to discovering God and Christ.

We have had people from around the world worshiping with St. Paul’s because someone from the church family, like you, shared St. Paul’s contact information.

We stream Sunday morning’s worship services each week! We stream our Wednesday morning service of Holy Communion. And our Wednesday evening Bible study is streamed.

So are you ready to start sharing and cutting and pasting? It is an easy way for each of us to fulfill Jesus’ call to be witnesses to the end of the earth.

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