by Brenda Toppin…

Sitting in the same pew as I always do, one Spring Sunday in 2015 I happened to look down by my feet. One of the black electrical cords was looking back at me!

I picked up my feet, feeling a little freaked out, hoping it would leave. I stood up and said, “Sorry, I have to move.”

“It’s a snake!” my Granddaughter Aurora said.

We cleared the row and Pastor Eric Helms, in the middle of his sermon, turned to Mark 16:17-18:  …In my name they will … pick up snakes in their hands….”

Tim McLaughlin (RIP) tried to grab the snake, but it disappeared into a hole. So Tim went downstairs and found the snake in the basement ceiling and brought it up to show everyone.

And Pastor Eric was finally able to finish his sermon.

Yes, I know it was a friendly black snake, but I didn’t want it wrapped around my leg!

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