Can You Ask Someone You Know to Help?

These are images of the front and back of last year’s RED BIRD T-SHIRTS. You may have seen Jim and Cherie or Pastor Dave or Mary Ann wearing them around town. These T-shirts are one of our many opportunities to showcase the mission work that we carry out at St. Paul’s. They also celebrate our community partners who provided us with funds to help us take on the missions of this church.

Last year we published an informational book about St. Paul’s thanks to these sponsors. They have their names mentioned on the webpage and on FACEBOOK in addition to literally being on our backs whenever we wear our shirts.

Well it’s time to renew some friendships and develop some new ones. We are asking you to ask the business owners you know to see if they will help support our work by making a special donation to St. Paul’s. This year we are asking for a donation of $100 from businesses to support our mission work, especially at Red Bird. For their $100 they not only get the satisfaction of knowing that they helped St. Paul’s help others, but their business name will show up on our Red Bird T-Shirts, on our webpage, on our Facebook page, and on a special insert in our Christmas Eve and Rally Day bulletins.

So the next time you get a pizza from that pizzeria that knows you by name or visit your local hardware store or deli, ask to speak with the manager to see if they are willing to support our work. You can tell them about RED BIRD, the FOOD PANTRY, FAMILY PROMISE, and how we help people who contact the church when they are struggling.

Contact Pastor Dave or Mary Ann or Jim Clement if you have any questions.

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