Well, we certainly did not plan on putting out the HELP WANTED SIGN here at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, but Glenda Steffee, who led our choir and provided musical accompaniment for our worship services since before COVID, announced her retirement in May and is traveling around America in her RV!

We are so thankful for Glenda’s ministry and how she persevered through the months when we closed the church doors during the pandemic. She was ready to bring quality music to our online worship services every single week! The choir under Glenda’s direction showcased a number of styles of worship anthems and songs that lifted the spirits of all of us during worship! We realize there comes a time for most individuals when retirement is the option to be pursued and we wish Glenda all the best!

And that means we are actively seeking a talented person to direct the choir and provide our worship services with quality musical accompaniment! We need your help because finding church music talent is like searching for a diamond in the rough.

Please place on your social media a message that St. Paul’s is looking for a musically talented individual. You can just share our FACEBOOK message or create your own. If you know of someone who has the ability to direct a choir like ours and to play the keyboard, piano, and/or organ please encourage them to send a resume to: SPRC, St. Paul’s UMC, PO Box 125, West Deptford, NJ 08086.

We are so blessed to have Patty Fish, Charlie Taylor, Debbie Richman, and Denise Hosier stepping up to play for us this summer while we search for our next staff member.


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