It’s turning cold, and we’re all getting out our winter clothing. Aren’t you glad you have warm sweaters and coats to keep you warm?

We’ve started a special project to help out students in the West Deptford Schools who can’t pay for their lunches. The school does provide lunch for all students, but if money isn’t added to their lunch account by their parents, the bills add up. Students will not receive their diplomas until their lunch bills are paid.

The CRT has decided to do something about this. We hope you will donate one dollar for each coat, sweater, or jacket in your closet. Money can be given to Carla or Norm Branyan or Matt Huesser or any member of the CRT. The money will go to the unpaid lunch bills of children in the West Deptford Schools.

Thank you all so much for your generosity! And don’t forget your holiday giving to the church! We are behind in our finances and desperately need your donations!


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