“So then prepare your hearts and minds for action! Stay alert and fix your hope firmly on the marvelous grace that is coming to you through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1: 13

It’s early this season; in fact, the start of Lent on Valentine’s Day caught me by total surprise. But here we are in a calendar season that to me is always a really positive way to start new calendar years.

Once the New Year’s Eve celebrations are laid to rest and Springtime is in focus for many people, it is time to get closer to God. Truthfully, each day when we wake up breathing and capable of arising from our beds to enter into our world, it is the time to get closer to God. But somehow, we do not make that a priority.

I spoke with someone who was telling me about how hard he worked to get a promotion at work. He said that in his last job he worked extra hours each week and that he took on tasks that no one else at work would do. I asked him about the potential promotion, and he said it would mean about another $100 a week in pay, but then he asked me, “Should I be coming to church or doing anything with God? Is it okay that I don’t have time for church?”

Interesting that this young man felt the need to hold that conversation with me. No, he is not someone who we have seen attending church services, although he claims to stream our FACEBOOK from time to time. I wonder how many people we each know who do not have time for worship, prayer, reading Scripture, listening to music of faith, or just retreating away to be with God?

Lent is the season for each of us who call ourselves Christian to examine our schedules and calendars to make more time for God. Our excuse might not be the need to work more to get $100 a week added to our paychecks, but as you examine your schedules do you have enough open time to schedule God in, just as a way of showing God that you actually consider God to be God and that you love God?

Some of us had ashes on our foreheads back on Valentine’s Day… a sign of our limited existence. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Most of us will show up in church on Easter morning for our 9:30 worship service, and perhaps attend the sunrise service at 6:30am also. I know two church services in one day is an awful lot to ask of any person with a busy calendar, but why not try it?

So this Lenten Season I want you to consider the challenge from the New Testament found in First Peter, “Prepare your hearts and minds for action!” Be prepared as if you knew you were going to be face-to-face with God starting in April and will be asked how you showed your love of God. This time you will be answering God, not some friend or a pastor. What will your answer be?

The season of Lent … a time to get closer to God so that you remain close throughout the year. Stay alert and be ready to be the light of Christ in the world we live in.


Pastor Dave

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