Please pray for the following:

Current Prayer Requests

For our country
For the Ukrainian people
For peace
Logan S needs ongoing prayer & family now neurology problems
Cameron always needs prayer & family
Sharon chemo & Gary
Hope T critically ill & Greg
Pastor Ed R health & wife Sherry
Sharon S hosp away from home
Anna hosp severe injuries from fall
Jenna & Franklin pregnant & homeless
Terry D cancer spreading
Anthony cardiac arrest and pneumonia
Safe travels over Thanksgiving weekend
Jackie C’s friend
Young mother with breast cancer
Family & friends of Florence H
Barry fell
Gerry M cough
Dixielee cataract surgery
Tom M needs kidney
Terry S needs liver
Maria & family sudden passing
Jennie T hip & leg pain
Don T hearing loss
Our Food Pantry team
Kristy vocal cord surgery
Kim hosp very ill liver disease
Deena MS needs strength
Rev. Bill D starting radiation & wife Gloria
Rosemary bladder biopsy
Carla waiting for biopsy results
Len H test results
All dealing with respiratory illness
Family & friends of Ed K
Family & friends of Mrs. Ep
Barbara hosp bleeding internally
Dusty D head-on car accident serious injuries
Bonnie starting chemo
Teresa C stage 4 cancer
Sue T more health problems
Dolores health issue
Mary Ann travel mercies
Barbara J home from hosp
Sandy D’s grandson stationed in Korea
Curtis T mom passed handicapped sister to care for
Ronnie horrific work accident
Friends that lost loved ones
Family & friends of Pat L
Family & friends of Edie M
Jeff L emergency surgery
Gerry’s grandson in hosp
Nathan P 12-yr-old leukemia
Phil, Lorraine, Joe, & family
Family & friends of Joyce
Vikki G & Richard M lost mother
Lisa emergency surgery
Barb J another medical prob
Family & friends of Eleanor M
Sandy D lost best friend
Judy R dialysis migraines neuropathy
Dottie D rash
Jim L medical procedure
Ida & Jack O many health problems
Lil Q age 100 praise for healing
Rick bladder surgery healing well

October Prayer Requests
Patrick and his concerns
Hannah P recent surgery
Family & friends of Dorothy H
PD vacation
Pastor George praise was with us
Becky C lung cancer
Joyce concerned about friends
Judy L rough times
Family & friends of Miriam S
Penny L heart cath
Steve hosp tests
Len H tests
Lynne not feeling well
Unspoken requests
Kathie’s friend worried medical issues
Valerie mental & physical health challenges
Family Promise
Our SS & their party
Lillie L in CHOP & family
Matthew from Australia
Bernice N lost another sister
Pat’s granddaughter age 3 hand surg
Pat health issues
Angus mom dying in Canada
Darlene close to passing
Jerry blood clot
Diane breast cancer surgery
Chris T healing from arm surgery
Dottie D home from hospital very weak
Ruth S home from ManorCare after UTI
Unspoken needs & requests
Mary S fell off treadmill hurting
Kelly breast cancer
Sharon R starting chemo
Jeff health challenges
Ann foot surgery
Ann fighting cancer
Bishop John Schol
District Supt. Glenn Conaway
Sue job interview
Michele C battling cancer
Lil Q praise turning 100
Megan D home from hosp keep praying
Joseph healing and faith
Denise recovering brain aneurysm
Those with unspoken requests
All our church shut-ins
Residents of FL and SC affected by hurricane
Friend’s son back to using
Tyler’s boss critical condition accident & family
Nephew’s father scan spot on lungs
Two friends with cancer
Carla’s niece diabetes & very fast heartbeat
Family & friends of Dave H
Joyce N infection in leg
Tara breast health issues
Joyce very ill hospital
Paul B heart attack
Dixielee abscessed tooth
Patty covid & pneumonia
Tonya drug & alcohol addiction
Pastor Dave & family
Tyler S sad and stressed
Mary & Harley S adjusting to school
Glenda fell but okay
Diane F breast cancer
Steve D in rehab
Annette D healing
Megan D recovering from surgery

Ongoing Prayer Requests

All who are ill and those caring for them
All dealing with isolation
All kids, parents, caregivers, teachers
All who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with personal issues
Healthcare workers

Healthcare & Essential Workers: All doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and workers in essential businesses like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Clergy: Our Bishop, our District Superintendent, and all pastors and clergy, here in New Jersey and all over the world.

Military: All those serving in the military, including Caitlin Y, Daniel D, Kailey R, Lance V, Gabby T, Dan S, Chris Y, Rachel R, Sonna R, Ed S, Brandon H, Shaina S.

Shut-Ins: All shut-ins and nursing home residents, including Janet B, Mary B, Ron & Eve C, Gloria L, Edie McC, Rosie P.

Leaders: Pray for our leaders: President Biden, Vice President Harris, Governor Murphy, Senators Booker and Menendez, our Congressional representatives, and all other elected and appointed officials who lead our nation, state and community.

Please Pray For:

Every Monday: Grocery store employees, convenience store employees, produce outlets, bakeries, restaurants, their owners and staffs.

Every Tuesday: All those working in healthcare, locally and nationally, including doctors, nurses, aides, EMTs and all support staff.

Every Wednesday: Church leaders and clergy, Pastors, District Superintendents, Bishops in every denomination. And keep our Bishop John Schol and our District Superintendent Glenn Conaway in your prayers.

Every Thursday: Church members and friends with last names beginning A-G.

Every Friday: Church members and friends with last names beginning H-M.

Every Saturday: Church members and friends with last names beginning N-Z.

Every Sunday: Our own families.