Please pray for the following:

Current Prayer Requests

For our country
For everyone to get vaccinated
To end hate crimes
For our VBS and all kids & volunteers
Logan S bone cancer hosp needs platelets
Chris T pain & stomach problems
Mike H seizure hosp
Gianna bad accident
Don T ongoing health issues
Chris B problems
Jim F terminal cancer
All those with covid
Michael H dental surgery & Nancy
Family & friends of Tom E
Cameron H needs hip surgery & extensive rehab
Lil Q skin cancers
Joyce N skin cancers
Sandy D knee problems
Kathy L hip replacement
David test results
Paige buying first house
Khadijah H
Seminary student with covid
Tyler S traveling new job
Family & friends of Otto M
Ambrose on hospice
Patricia M heart surgery
Family & friends of Peggy K
Dave in hospital
Family in crisis
Tom G in hospital on ventilator
Jim in long-term rehab & wife Fatima
Rev. Bill D on passing of his brother
Glenda drives neighbor
Lawrence “Buddy” given last rites
Dave & Barbara J both in hospital
Joann P upcoming chemo
Helen R
Jess mass on brain recovering from surgery
People of Haiti & Cuba, especially our clergy & laity
Red Bird mission team praise home safely
Family & friends of John C
Kelly eye surgery detached retina
Ray upcoming bypass surgery
Frank cancer not doing well
TIffany & Mike praise expecting baby boy
Kelly N detached retina
John R kidney transplant now blood clots
Bruce N battling cancer
Denise knee pain
Ski family praise for many kind people
Bill had stroke
David ulcers & biopsies
Family & friends of Judy M
Lori B lost sister & Brittni & Emily
Family & friends of Jean K
Michael & Joanne K, David & Leisa K lost mom
Alice K lost sister
Family & friends of Frank P
Gary & Sharon R lost brother-in-law
Barbara P health issues
Betsy H shingles doing better
Zach C accident brain injury
Danielle M breast cancer and family

June Prayer Requests
Danny D praise home on leave
Young woman with mental health challenges
Jay P requests prayer
Herb & Myra moving after chemo
Bryan recovering from bypass
Carol recovering
Sandy D knee problems
Brice home from hospital
Kathi M heart surgery
Chris T health issues
Pastor Michael having difficult time
Jean C hospital in Ohio
Kathy cancer spread to spine & brain
Jeff to get the help he needs
Dorothy cancer not doing well
Tyler praise got new job
Barbara (Dave) J home from hospital
Al age 91 in hospice
Sue S needs knee replacement
Khadijah H
Tom J heart procedure doing well
Fred W needs more chemo & wife Debbie
Michael H health
Mike D health
Family & friends of Olive W
Family & friends of LeighAnn age 32
Chris T testing for health issues
Family & friends of Harriet L
Brice P hospital FL with infection
ConchAta for protection
Danielle colon cancer
Elderly woman who found son dead
Family who has lost income having to move
Rick cancer and wife Eileen
Ethan T & family on loss of family members
Aunt Ethel broken hip
Friend having PET scan for cancer this week
Stephe M praise for procedure & Gerry
Julian for Tia Jenny, neighbor Tom & friend Tommy
John H outpatient surgery
Bonnie in ICU with unidentified problem
Family & friends of Bev W, former member of our church
John R having biopsy
Family & friends of Marie P
Family & friends of Jim A
Hope’s family brother & wife killed in motorcycle accident
Dana’s co-worker lost son to suicide
Family & friends of Aunt Theresa
Eileen praise healed from broken bones
Rick surgery bladder tumors awaiting results
Family & friends of our faithful member Bob P
Rosie, Diane, Brenda, Jeff, Annette loss of Bob
Glenda’s neighbor head pain from tumors
Joey age 1 brain tumor had surgery

Ongoing Prayer Requests

All who are ill and those caring for them, especially those impacted by covid and their families
All dealing with isolation from family due to pandemic
All kids, parents, caregivers, teachers doing virtual learning
All who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with personal issues and the pandemic
Healthcare workers as pandemic upticks

Healthcare & Essential Workers: All doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and workers in essential businesses like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Clergy: Our Bishop, our District Superintendent, and all pastors and clergy, here in New Jersey and all over the world.

Military: All those serving in the military, including Daniel D, Rachel R, Gabby T, Ed S. Joseph B, Taylor P, Kailey R, Jaim S, Brandon H, Chris Y, Shaina S, James A., Lance Robert V.

Shut-Ins: All shut-ins and nursing home residents, including Bertie C, Ron & Eve C, Betty C, Edie McC.

Leaders: Pray for our leaders: President Biden, Vice President Harris, Governor Murphy, Senators Booker and Menendez, our Congressional representatives, and all other elected and appointed officials who lead our nation, state and community.

Please Pray For:

Every Monday: Grocery store employees, convenience store employees, produce outlets, bakeries, restaurants, their owners and staffs.

Every Tuesday: All those working in healthcare, locally and nationally, including doctors, nurses, aides, EMTs and all support staff.

Every Wednesday: Church leaders and clergy, Pastors, District Superintendents, Bishops in every denomination. And keep our Bishop John Schol and our District Superintendent Glenn Conaway in your prayers.

Every Thursday: Church members and friends with last names beginning A-G.

Every Friday: Church members and friends with last names beginning H-M.

Every Saturday: Church members and friends with last names beginning N-Z.

Every Sunday: Our own families.