Please pray for the following:

Every Monday: Grocery store employees, convenience store employees, produce outlets, bakeries, restaurants, their owners and staffs.

Every Tuesday: All those working in healthcare, locally and nationally, including doctors, nurses, aides, EMTs and all support staff.

Every Wednesday: Church leaders and clergy, Pastors, District Superintendents, Bishops in every denomination. And keep our Bishop John Schol and our District Superintendent Rev. Myrna Bethke in your prayers.

Every Thursday: Church members and friends with last names beginning A-G.

Every Friday: Church members and friends with last names beginning H-M.

Every Saturday: Church members and friends with last names beginning N-Z.

Every Sunday: Our own families.

Current Prayer Requests

All who are sick & healthcare workers caring for them
Anita O in hospital very ill
Arlene D in hospital very ill
Michele chemo & upcoming surgery
Kathy undergoing chemo
Joan in hospital ICU and her son
Megan & Donna D health issues
Reopening team of Lori, Meghan & Kim
A friend’s family member diagnosed with COVID-19
Co-worker whose husband killed in motorcycle crash
Family with COVID brother passed away alone, sister-in-law and nephew still in ICU on life support
People that do not have anyone looking out for them
Gary B in hospital side effects of chemo
Ednamae S health issues and daughter Jennie T
Helen T health
Ellie R on hospice care & her family
Gerry and Sue’s good friend stent for cerebral aneurysm
Family whose brother, sister in law and teen nephew all in ICU with COVID two on vents, daughter awaiting test results
Manoj Y financial problems, health issues and personal family issues
Courtney M praying for CRF’s soul
Two families with members testing positive to COVID
Harley S broke finger hard to use computer for schoolwork
S family all worried about virus with high-risk mom
Family & friends of Joe D who died from COVID-19
Workers around the world caring for homeless kids
Dana’s co-worker age 37 double mastectomy then chemo
Another co-worker with daughter age 5 in hospital with child inflammatory disease
Two clergy friends of PD with stress-related health issues
Bob R hospital pancreatic issues and wife Marge
Joe F elderly and struggling with virus
Residents and staff of the Sub-Acute Care Facility in Sewell several residents ill with the virus
Maureen H grieving loss of husband on his birthday
Phil & Lorraine C personal and health issues
Uncle Seve C
Tiffany B, ICU nurse with COVID patients
Denise H throat surgery doing well
Family of Tony S
Aunt Mary Lou and family of Uncle John S who passed away
Rosario and Damianus
Elizabeth T heart attack
Family of Chuck B who passed away today after long illness
Bob R in hospital and Marge and family cannot visit
Nadia D
Edie McC not doing well with dementia
Florence and her family sister found dead especially pray for sister’s sons
Brandon C, died in sleep leaving two young sons and widow, Dana
Dana’s parents Linda and Steve P
Woman with significant breathing issues and other major health issues including diabetes fearful needs peace of mind
New parents of a two month old with family issues
Glenn L diagnosed with cancer in his kidney
Patricia for unspoken prayer needs.
Kim, pregnant nurse working with Covid patients
Tim and Jamie’s unborn child testing indicating potential health issues
Dreshawn B 15 year old with COVID-19
White House staff members diagnosed with COVID-19
Bill in rehab for alcohol addiction & his family
Lewie F died from COVID-19 pray for family and friends
Jaime W’s daughter breast cancer
Bob had his heart surgery (stents) and is doing well
All the kids that are homeschooling and their teachers
Logan broken toe might need surgery
Friends to learn to social distance
Becky and family healing strength and peace
Nikki praise for progress and asks for continued protection
Joanie pancreatic breast and lung cancer
Unspoken request
Mary seeking guidance for dealing with loved one
Lauren and Jeff J as they seek to love neighbors and care for family
Charles S and family as he begins hospice
Family of unnamed individual whom PD prayed with over the phone and has since passed
Three couples that are struggling right now
Caren living in fear of the virus and all others who are afraid in the world
Thursday’s National Day of Prayer Service
ICU Teams at Inspira receiving lunch from our church every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of May
Sue T’s son’s father-in-law, Bob, had heart surgery
Sharon and Jake E’s granddaughter Julia who works at Pitman Manor
Claudia R’s son Pete who works at Pitman Manor
Dave F’s parents Peg & Bill at Veterans Home Vineland
Betsy’s high school friend Dee who has COVID-19
Denise’s friend’s husband Jim in hospital with cancer spreading

Jim and Cheri C’s neighbor Kathy who has COVID-19
From the township: Valerie H, Paul H, Rodney H, Michael H, Dominique M, and Latiya H
Pet owners who have lost a pet
Larry & Denny S on the loss of their mother, Ginny
Sharon M’s niece and everyone aboard the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship unable to enter any port
Alice McG hospitalized with COVID-19
Families living in fear due to exposure to the virus
Lauren J’s gas station attendant who was called racist names
All gas station attendants who are working during this pandemic
Uncle John S dealing with effects from chemo
Jenelle A critically ill in hospital
Hermine M doing better but still needs prayer
Larry W having knee replacement surgery and also being treated for cancer.
Frank B age 94 hospitalized with the virus
Nancy and Tom J’s niece, Kelly nurse working with COVID-19 patients
Erika R nurse working with COVID-19 patients
Shirley McL from our church ICU nurse
S family on the passing of Madeline
Deb and Tom B sold home moved to apartment also health issues
Daniel D minor injuries during a training regimen in the Army
All of those on our service member prayer list
Family attempting to secure the needed income to pay their bills
Our Family Promise family of the week
Family Promise staff
Our President, Vice-President, Congress, and all Governors
All essential workers continuing to provide services
Jim S hurt back in a lot of pain
Dave and Barbara J health realities
Cindy F health issues
Sandi D bad headaches
Alfred N needs a kidney transplant
Jacque in chemo
Kathy C starting chemo lung & liver cancer
Henrietta H and Anthony C for reconciliation.
Lorraine C health issues
W family on the passing of Doris
Pat L on the passing of her son from a heart attack
Praise for Paul O and his wife Jacinta N from Kenya on the birth of their son Jesse
Lillie M age 1 medical tests and her mom Jessica & grandmom Margaret
Gerry’s daughter’s friend Joe brain aneurysm
Kathy lung cancer advanced to brain and adrenal gland, surgery tomorrow
Kevin G critically ill with COVID-19 and on a ventilator and his mother Barbara very distraught
All of our family and friends who are residents/patients of nursing care facilities and for the staffs who take care of them
Avah & family great-grandfather passed away from COVID-19
Kenzie’s uncle bad accident in Florida, in ICU and having surgery
Elaine L’s friend’s mother cardiac event needed stent
Families of those that lost lives in Canadian shooting
Donna S’s friend with COVID-19
All who have lost jobs
Those working at home and children learning at home
Eugene H battling severe alcohol addiction
Family of Nettie K B passed away age 91
Lewie F very ill with COVID-19 on a ventilator
Dorothy S needs her medications adjusted
Rose M concerned about the future of her job
Chris B returning to work this Friday
Annisia M and her family financial realities of being sequestered
Family and friends of Helen who passed away from COVID-19
Jaime W and the processing of her unemployment
H family Jason lost job due to the pandemic
Rose, a nurse working on the front lines doing swab testing for the virus
Erika S, a critical care nurse treating COVID-19 patients
Kim a hospital nurse who is pregnant
Katie P, nurse at Inspira
Kirk H, ER technician
Kelly F, ER & ICU nurse with COVID-19 patients
Karen S, Bayada nurse
Erin S, nurse at Virtua
Morgan F, doctor at WVU, and wife Katie
West Deptford ShopRite workers
Wawa workers and all neighborhood store workers
Family members who work in a grocery store and need protective equipment
Edie McC continued prayer
Praise for two Family Promise families that have found homes
Prayer for the one Family Promise family that is left in the program mother and 3 year old child
Dave J medical procedure
Avah’s great-grandfather in a NY hospital with COVID-19
Lori B’s London colleague Pooja and her family dealing with COVID-19
Neighbor’s Aunt Lucille taken to hospital
Happy 93rd birthday to Bob P
A NJ couple who have been away from church for 10 years but feel they are being called back to the church
Kathy, a COVID-19 patient who took a turn for the worse yesterday
Gregory and Tootsie H. Tootsie has COVID-19 and has been taken off a ventilator
All clergy throughout the world preparing for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services
District Supt. Rev. Manolo S and his wife Elizabeth both sick with COVID-19
Bishop S
District Superintendent Myrna B
A pastor from Buffalo with COVID-19
Family of Sherry D-J who passed from COVID-19
Family of Glenn S who passed from COVID-19
Karen F pastor who lost husband suddenly
Kim & Jeff
Dave F’s cousin Marty undergoing a cardiac procedure
Carla & Norm praise for church member who gave them masks
Rosario & Damianus
May all those living in fear learn to trust Jesus and find peace
Carla & Norm’s grandson unemployed with no unemployment benefits
Joe S in Cooper Hosp awaiting heart surgery, wife Judy & children
Sandy’s cat who is sick
Family of Nancy L who passed away, and her daughter Traci and grandson Matthew who live with her
Arlene D in Inspira hospital
Nikki’s father diagnosed with COVID-19
MJ’s friend Diann N, in stage 3 kidney failure
Lisa and her son Seth, Lisa sick at home with the virus and Seth is exhibiting symptoms
Deborah sick with COVID-19
Seeds of Hope families in Camden
Jacque from Virginia having chemo and her husband Nelson
Lois in a great deal of pain
Dana’s friend exposed to virus
Bill R’s mother who fell yesterday and is in the hospital
D’A family lost their cousin Joey to COVID19. Mrs. D’A also lost her stepson last week
A person in NYC who is haunted by the sounds of the ambulance sirens and helicopters
Sarah whose dad recently passed away from COVID-19 and mother is also ill and in the hospital
Jean K decisions for her continued care
A couple/family who have decided that they will divorce
Mother of teens whose anxiety is affecting her physical and mental health
Phil C whose elderly parents are hospitalized with COVID-19
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is in ICU with COVID-19
Patty’s nephew Chad who lives and works in NYC
Sandi D’s Aunt K taken to hospital
Dorothy M chemo and daughter Beth taking care of her
Lorraine for Cardinal Village
Helen G inoperable brain tumor
Angela H for our country, for healing, and for all dealing with the virus
George H and family several members have serious health issues and one with COVID-19
H family for strength
Pat P health issues
Edie McC & Pat D health issues
Marie S who has lost 4 friends and relatives to COVID-19
Matt T still working in NYC
Danny T business closed
Family of George F funeral today
Kristin M knee replacement & husband beginning home dialysis
Our President and his Coronavirus Team and Advisors
Our Congress, Governors, and local governments
Dorothy S 90th birthday
Annette B who just lost her brother & a friend
Liza T & family lost father
Mary M lost husband
Joe L on hospice care
Fred with COVID-19
Family of Greg C
Kathy G critically ill with COVID-19
Ralph and Shari R, both with COVID-19
Terry, health issues

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Healthcare & Essential Workers: All doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and workers in essential businesses like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Clergy: Our Bishop and all pastors and clergy, here in New Jersey and all over the world.

Military: All those serving in the military, including Daniel D, Rachel R, Gabby T, Ed S. Joseph B, Taylor P, Kailey R, Jaim S, Brandon H, Chris Y, Shaina S, James A.

Shut-Ins: All shut-ins and nursing home residents, including Bertie C, Ron & Eve C, Betty C, Jean K, Harriet L, Edie McC, Jackie Z.

Leaders: Pray for our leaders: President Trump, Governor Murphy, Senators Booker and Menendez, our Congressional representatives, and all other elected officials who lead our nation, state and community.  Pray for our government officials, particularly those who are caring for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic.