Please pray for the following:

Current Prayer Requests

For our country
For everyone to get vaccinated
To end hate crimes
Cameron home difficult recovery & parents caring for him
Logan S still getting chemo in pain
Ruth & all family of Bob S
A family feeling broken
Lexi young girl very ill & family
T & B families on passing of Cindy
Jeff life struggles
Gerry & Steve
Bella I age 10 brain tumor
Food pantry team
Hostages in Haiti
Kim G lost husband
Vikki G lost ex and had surgery
Alice & Bill lost son
Family of Sean including children ages 16 & 9
Mary Ann’s friend ovarian cancer
Ernie health issues
Len H for recovery
Evelyn family member killed
Dorothy bone marrow transplant
Mike recent surgery
Sam J health issues
Kieran age 8 covid & family
Gertrude gout
Noah’s mother & stepfather both covid
Emily sinus infection
Mitch hosp pneumonia & covid
Family & friends of Doug R
Ski family lost a friend
David T hospital very ill
Terry D going home from rehab
Debbie R for strength
Hope, Bert & family of Sharon G
Eric B home from hosp heart problems
Lois hip replacement
Christen surgery broken tibia
Dottie D breathing problems
Henrietta breathing problems
Fred W chemo done weak tires easily
Ed G & medical team in ICU very ill
Devon covid & pneumonia
Bob B tough recovery from covid
Vivian struggling to recover from covid
Rodger off drugs needs housing
Homeless youth needing help
PD & others sleeping outside to raise money for Covenant House
Linda M fell seriously injured
N & F families on loss of Aunt Ethel
Barbara J praise doing better
Marissa in hospital with unexplained bruising
Jack W health issues
Greg J Sr tests for returning cancer
Usha travel mercies to Indonesia to care for sick mother
John M COPD & emphysema
Dianne C & family brain injury
Praise baby Nicolas Michael D
Kelly F breakthrough covid trouble breathing

October Prayer Requests
Nancy P & family went home to the Lord
Gerry double mastectomy
Wes & Lindsay M praise 9th anniversary
Young man with addiction & mental health problems
Fred W chemo & wife Debbie
Aunt Janith C major stroke
Family & friends of David W left 2 young boys
Gina hosp with infection
Mr. H & Habitat ramp project
Gerry’s daughter Jen health issues
Patty & Joe both need healing
Rick bladder cancer praise doing well
Michael in hosp then going to rehab
Chris to stay away from illegal substances
Brian M hosp severe covid
Nick hospitalized with covid
Autumn to be saved and drug-free
Janet B recovering at home
Evelyn’s niece lost home to tornado
Megan A double mastectomy
Bill B was in hospital
Family & friends of Harold J esp daughter Christine
Betty C praise cataract surgery went well
Michael H pain from dental surgery
Mary B hospital
Gale M health concerns
Sally’s neighbor house fire
Family & friends of Uncle Martin
Hal age 92 family problem
Young woman using meth many problems
Family & friends of Robert Hayes
Ida & Jack O for strength
Christian missionaries taken hostage in Haiti
Janet hip replacement
Gerry’s sister-in-law biopsy
Florence & Jack H trouble adjusting to new life
Michele C chemo
Family & friends of Frank G passed from covid
Mike B very ill with covid & strep throat
Wayne S with Logan
Donna S not feeling well
Tyler S ill awaiting covid test results
Friends who lost parents
Ski girls home schooling
Cathy H back injection
Deb receiving treatment for RA
Pat & Don, Pat on vent, Don Parkinson’s
G family lost 23-yr-old son in accident
Sandy having surgery
Irene surgery
Sandy’s niece & nephew health issues
Our food pantry organizers & workers
Betty C congestive heart failure
Barbara L battling cancer
Callie Jeanne fighting cancer
Quinn G hosp severe pancreatitis
Rose M & family burying mother
Lisa breast cancer surgery
Jeff mental health issues
Michelle’s father respiratory problems
Family & friends of Pat F
Vikki G serious health problems
Chris T praise feeling better
PD’s friend with covid
All those struggling with family issues
Don T home from hosp needs more tests
Family of Randy M
Beth L just out of hosp traveling to brother’s funeral
Greg J more tests
Martina returning from Europe
Family of Irene S
Shaniqua needs healing
Family & friends of Nicholas T
Florence H & her husband health issues
Garry P surgery
Diane C brain surgery needs a miracle
Jill L multiple health challenges

Ongoing Prayer Requests

All who are ill and those caring for them, especially those impacted by covid and their families
All dealing with isolation from family due to pandemic
All kids, parents, caregivers, teachers doing virtual learning
All who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with personal issues and the pandemic
Healthcare workers as pandemic upticks

Healthcare & Essential Workers: All doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and workers in essential businesses like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Clergy: Our Bishop, our District Superintendent, and all pastors and clergy, here in New Jersey and all over the world.

Military: All those serving in the military, including Daniel D, Rachel R, Gabby T, Ed S. Joseph B, Taylor P, Kailey R, Jaim S, Brandon H, Chris Y, Shaina S, James A., Lance Robert V.

Shut-Ins: All shut-ins and nursing home residents, including Bertie C, Ron & Eve C, Betty C, Edie McC.

Leaders: Pray for our leaders: President Biden, Vice President Harris, Governor Murphy, Senators Booker and Menendez, our Congressional representatives, and all other elected and appointed officials who lead our nation, state and community.

Please Pray For:

Every Monday: Grocery store employees, convenience store employees, produce outlets, bakeries, restaurants, their owners and staffs.

Every Tuesday: All those working in healthcare, locally and nationally, including doctors, nurses, aides, EMTs and all support staff.

Every Wednesday: Church leaders and clergy, Pastors, District Superintendents, Bishops in every denomination. And keep our Bishop John Schol and our District Superintendent Glenn Conaway in your prayers.

Every Thursday: Church members and friends with last names beginning A-G.

Every Friday: Church members and friends with last names beginning H-M.

Every Saturday: Church members and friends with last names beginning N-Z.

Every Sunday: Our own families.