Please pray for the following:

Current Prayer Requests

All who are ill and those caring for them, especially those impacted by covid and their families
All dealing with isolation from family due to pandemic
All kids, parents, caregivers, teachers doing virtual learning
Doris back pain
Patty brain bleed from mini stroke
Jennifer hysterectomy
A neighbor with covid
Logan Ski in hospital
Terry D at Manorcare praise no blood clot
Lil Q doing prayer list
Mary Ann caring for Terry
Erika & Darrel and their relationship
Hal F age 91 lost best friend to covid and daughter Nancy
Family struggling with severe mental health challenges
Pat’s friend Cheryl severe cancer now unresponsive
Family & friends of Gary D
Bryan heart health issues
Bertie C turning 100
Cats & dogs need adopting
Karen C hip surgery
Maggie G Nemours Hosp possible emergency surgery
Shanna health issues
Lynn K in pain from colitis
Marty M prostate cancer and wife Tammy
Residents of Louisiana another hurricane
Robert H pancreatic cancer
Jay P colon cancer surgery
Ski family great-nephew has covid
Mike B brain tumor
Beth praise biopsy negative
Jim C surgery home from hosp
Nick heart issues and wife Jennifer and kids
Eve D fell or passed out
Friends & family of Becky R-O
Sandy D health issues surgery
Tom G praise doing better
Chris & Dan M 50th anniversary
Dixielee severe back pain
Jamal and his children
President Trump and the First Lady covid
Tyler Ski back to work but needs more surgery
Barbara J procedure & Dave
Wendy & John knee replacement
Praise for good church friends
Linda serious health issues
Gloria L trouble sleeping
Tim D stage 4 pancreatic cancer
Lil Q praise turning 98
Barbara & Jim C both injured in motorcycle accidents
Someone who lost a close friend
Family & friends of Diane & Brian, husband & wife both passed away from covid
Renee lost close friends to covid
David M leukemia
Rosanna’s family one member in ICU
Young woman’s whose mother has dementia
Jean S and family lost husband
Andrew covid positive and family including young children
Robin S & family on passing of her father
Pat P’s stepdaughter praise surgery went well
Brandon R taking law boards
Mary Ann, a good friend

September Prayer Requests
Young woman who attempted to take her own life
Police officer struggling with issues
Homeless man in Philadelphia with needs
Barbara J heart cath needs prayer
Family & friends of Nadine
Allyson K health challenges
Family & friends of Elvira C
Cindy R worsening health issues
Johnson H taken to hospital
Jackie G’s sons both heart problems
Penny B surgery
Jim S hip replacement & wife Jean
Jim & Dez B lost both parents
John Jacob & Kavimeena
Francesca Rose praise age 1
Bertha B health problems
Patricia R going home to Lord today
Ski family many problems
Family & friends of Mary Ellen who passed suddenly
Ronald T on hospice and family
Jadah victim of hit and run spinal cord injury surgery
Anna & boyfriend get job & apt
Joyce N and daughters Lynn & Kelly health issues
Lance Cpl. Robert V as he begins service
Family & friends of Clark
Deb U & family lost father
Dixielee back pain
Anna & boyfriend to find jobs, home
Fran H had stroke, induced coma
Tom J home from hospital irregular heartbeat
Nelson & Jacque both cancer treatment
Family of Craig E who passed suddenly
Tim L and family of Samantha who left age 9 & 12 daughters
Cheryl aggressive cancer
Mary Ski fell hurt knee
Those impacted by hurricanes
Erika & Darrel’s relationship
Charles & Leia and their families
Young man dealing with addiction & his mother
Karen G in treatment for cancer
Cindy F chronic pain
Chris T chronic pain searching for answers
Dottie D’s brother & wife in CA wildfires
Carolyn & Christina in Oregon wildfires
Marty M surgery for prostate cancer
Joe & Katie wildfires everything covered with ash
Aunt Dot prayers for peaceful passing
All kids, parents & teachers for school year
Garry praise surgery went well
Karin & family for safety
Harel & best friend for reconciliation
Mitchell being deployed overseas
John S hospital severe abdominal issues
Family & friends of Dolores M who passed away
Nate W 19-yr-old son of pastor might have had stroke
Church member car accident & the person they hit
Jennifer praise covid test negative
Marty M heart issues
Teresa T emergency surgery appendicitis
Pauline breast cancer and Parkinson’s
Judy F being stalked
Doug mental issues needs help
All parents, grandparents, teachers & students beginning virtual school
Animals in shelters needing adoption
Healthcare workers and researchers seeking vaccine
Evelyn D’s family great-niece killed in car accident
Bev’s friend tested positive for covid
Merrilee C injection for pain not working
Margaret R surgery
Scott N knee surgery
For all those impacted by the hurricane
Bill Mc brain aneurysm
Safe travels for those on vacation or traveling for business

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Healthcare & Essential Workers: All doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, and workers in essential businesses like grocery stores and convenience stores.

Clergy: Our Bishop and all pastors and clergy, here in New Jersey and all over the world.

Military: All those serving in the military, including Daniel D, Rachel R, Gabby T, Ed S. Joseph B, Taylor P, Kailey R, Jaim S, Brandon H, Chris Y, Shaina S, James A., Lance Robert V.

Shut-Ins: All shut-ins and nursing home residents, including Bertie C, Ron & Eve C, Betty C, Jean K, Harriet L, Edie McC.

Leaders: Pray for our leaders: President Trump, Governor Murphy, Senators Booker and Menendez, our Congressional representatives, and all other elected officials who lead our nation, state and community.  Pray for our government officials, particularly those who are caring for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please Pray For:

Every Monday: Grocery store employees, convenience store employees, produce outlets, bakeries, restaurants, their owners and staffs.

Every Tuesday: All those working in healthcare, locally and nationally, including doctors, nurses, aides, EMTs and all support staff.

Every Wednesday: Church leaders and clergy, Pastors, District Superintendents, Bishops in every denomination. And keep our Bishop John Schol and our District Superintendent in your prayers.

Every Thursday: Church members and friends with last names beginning A-G.

Every Friday: Church members and friends with last names beginning H-M.

Every Saturday: Church members and friends with last names beginning N-Z.

Every Sunday: Our own families.