As all of you know, the last 14 months have been challenging and difficult for all of us. St. Paul’s has been blessed to have a great team of leaders carefully guiding us through this global pandemic. Since more and more of us are now vaccinated and the New Jersey case numbers are down, the team is ready to allow more individuals to attend worship in person. RESERVATIONS will continue to be required! Click here to make a reservation.

Effective Sunday May 9, we will increase the number of individuals allowed into the church for Sunday worship services to a maximum of 45 individuals, with 25 to be seated in the overflow section and 20 in the sanctuary. Reservations will be made through the website (or through your calling contact) and you will be able to request either the sanctuary or the overflow. When seating is assigned, priority will be given to those expressed preferences, but with no guarantees. Masks and social distancing while in the church will continue to be requirements. We hope that all our church family understands that they should not be hugging nor getting into other individuals’ personal space within the building, since not everyone has been vaccinated yet.

Once we announce the outside worship plans for the summer we will talk about the changes for those services. Every American over the age of 16 is now eligible for the vaccine, so there is absolutely no excuse not to be vaccinated. If you or someone you know needs help scheduling a vaccine appointment or traveling to a vaccine site, please let us know because we will help.

Pastor Dave

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